Hydroponic Garden Builder (at a glance)

Welcome to our Hydroponic garden builder section of the website! We have assembled a series of articles here to help you Plan, Design, and Build your own custom hydroponic system.


When we started building our first Hydroponic garden there was no ‘real‘ step-by-step guide like this on the web to help us out.  Sure there is some great YouTube and other informative content out there, but they were either not professional or informative enough for us to really build exactly what we wanted without doing a ton of extra research at multiple other youtube and websites. 


Our whole website was created around the idea that you probably landed here with the intention of researching, buying, or building your own Hydroponic garden, so you don’t always have to come back here, you can just follow the main navigation bar from left to right. 


Any good design/build process starts with a good PLAN.

Learn a little about the history of hydroponics, hydroponics basics, and the different methods and types of hydroponic systems and methods for growing plants without soil before you build a hydroponic system.

Hydroponic systems sometimes fail user expectations due to the lack of basic knowledge. Learning a little now will help you tenfold along the way to building a hydroponic system that fits your space, needs, and your expectations.


Select a design to BUY or BUILD

Should you Buy pre-packed packages or get some pieces and parts and tinker with them? Not very handy and want to start ASAP? Maybe you should Buy an existing system.

If you are handy or have a complicated, vertical, or limited Hydroponic garden location or space you probably should build your own system.

Either way you will need to select a DESIGN

The following is a selection of some of the most popular designs on the web that you can build right now.


Read product reviews to help you select a system and components to BUY

Here is our ever expanding list of reviews of a few select designs for each of the different design types available.

Or you can buy the materials you need for your custom your BUILD

You will want to go to the BUILD section first to find the exact system you want to build. Each system build will have its own material list and have a link to get those materials.

If you haven't already done so, review and get the rest of your system Accessories


BUILD your own Hydroponics system

We are always expanding our current list of instructions to build the following hydroponic systems. The system builds are based different design types.


Set up your system, and grow without soil!

Read the articles below to learn how to set up your new hydroponic system and additional required components. You will also learn how to select the correct lighting, nutrient, medium, PH and EC levels for your plants based on the vegetables or plants you are growing. Finally you can troubleshoot the loose ends and get your system running perfectly.