How to Choose a Hydroponic System Design

Hydroponics design

Review and Select a Hydroponic System Design that fits your garden plan. Decide if you want to buy an existing kit or select and build one of our hydroponic system designs.  By now, you should have developed your indoor garden Plan and have an idea of what you want to grow and where you are going to build your new garden. You can always go back to review or jump ahead if you already have a design in mind.  The Design Process is an approach for breaking down a project into manageable pieces.


  • Define – Define the type of system you want to purchase or build by knowing what plants you want to grow and what your location limitations are. 
  • Gather Information – Read some articles in this section and on the web. Bookmark pages, sketches, videos, images, and any other data that inspires you.
  • Brainstorm – Sketch, explore, experiment and study so you can start to understand how all the information you’ve collected may affect your design. Take your best idea and form a matrix grid of 9 variations of that design. It’s ok to go way outside the box here. You may not be able to use some wild ideas but it may spurn a new idea that you can incorporate.
  • Develop a Solution– Narrow down and select the best idea from your matrix.
  • Gather Feedback– Present your ideas to as many of your friends and family as possible for feedback. You can also share your ideas here.
  • Improve- Reflect on all the feedback and decide if you wish to add or make any changes.


After exploring hydroponic system designs you should have a good idea as to which Design you wish to Buy or BuildStill not sure


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I'm Dani, I come from a long history of migrant farmers. In high school I wrote a paper about how my father brought us over the Texas border to give us a better life. During college, I worked part time with him in the farming industry. After receiving a degree in Urbanism from Columbia University, I started to realize how important the role of the food chain was to urban inner cities. I began studying different types of Indoor and vertical faming solutions. I started designing and building my own hydroponic systems and have never looked back.