4 Towering Vertical Hydroponics System Reviews

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These are our Vertical Hydroponics System Reviews of 4 of the best systems available

As real estate markets boom and bust, there is one thing that stays consistent – defining property, on the lot or in the home, in terms of square feet.  While a posting might mention an oak, pine, or maple by name, they might also just as likely mention “greenery.”  Square feet mean something to us that their cubic counterparts don’t.



And like our urban towers, reaching into the sky to avoid sprawling over precious space on the land, our hydroponics contraptions are more and more likely to be designed with floor or ground space in mind.  Enter the world of vertical hydroponics!



Our vertical hydroponics system reviews will consist of 4 unique and diverse systems.  Going straight up into the sky (or ceiling), they’re sure to make great use of your space!

We tested 7 products and found Lettuce Grow 12-Plant Hydroponic Growing System Kit 3'8" to be the best most complete, system for your money.

Today we look at 4 new systems of various heights, widths, and modularity.  While no vertical system exactly comes cheap, they all do effectively increase your precious floor space, all while providing fresh produce for your family to eat right off the tower!  There was much deliberation on this decision but in the end, Lettuce Grow 12-Plant Hydroponic Growing System Kit 3’8 won us all over with its simple yet elegant design, ease of setup, and use. The smooth base makes for very easy cleaning and the plants don’t get hung up as they grow down the sides.  It’s expandable, can be used indoors or out, and comes with everything you need to get started except lights.

4 Vertical Hydroponics System Reviews

  • Cost: $$$
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Key feature: Best Overall Vertical Hydroponics System
  • Includes: Pawn-shaped base, Water Pump, Power Cord, Timer, Plant Food for 130+ Plants, pH Testing Kit, pH Down solution, stir stick, scoops, cute sticker.
  • Assembly required: Easy assembly, modular attachments.
  • Material: Food grade, BPA-free plastic
  • Height: 3’8” before modular add-ons
  • Base area: 2’X2’
  • Best for: Lettuce, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, mini cucumbers, lunchbox peppers
  • Cool factor: Modular attachments allow you to expand easily.
  • Meh (Cons): Lighting comes separately.

The pawn-shaped Lettuce Grow tops the vertical hydroponics system reviews chart for so many reasons, but first, we’ve got to address the thumbnail!  Looking like a small vase, it was easy to dismiss as being too tiny for what I wanted.  The reality is quite staggeringly different, though!  The 12-plant version is just shy of 4 feet tall, while the full 36-plant version is a giant, 8 foot and then some, Grecian column of planted goodness!



The planter itself works wonderfully, with the base fitting in a 2X2 square foot area, either in the home or outside.  Then, the modular planters are added on top.  You can start with the 12-plant version and then buy more of the planters to stack up on top at any time.  Watering remains the same for any size, however – just put water in through a special hole in the pawn-shaped base.  The automatic watering system will do the rest of the work for you!



This system also comes with just about everything you’ll need to have a great farm – the water pump, the timer, and nutrients for over a hundred plants, etc.  You will, however, need to supply your own lighting for the system or buy the glow rings for it separately.



Your vertical hydroponics system reviews special bonus trivia facts?  The Lettuce Grow Store’s founders are Zooey Deschanel and her husband.  Now, you can say you eat like the stars and, with soil-free growing, can enjoy the eternal sunshine of the spotless home!

  • Cost: $$$$
  • Maintenance: Moderate
  • Key feature: Best System for Compact Kitchens and Busy Lives
  • Includes: Gardyn System, 2 60W LED Grow Lights, 2 5MP Cameras, Temperature and Humidity Sensors, 24VDC 7.5AMP Grounded Power Supply
  • Assembly required: Yes, but not extensive.
  • Height: 5’
  • Base area: 1’X2’
  • Best for: Lettuce, chard, herbs, cherry tomatoes, lavender.
  • Cool factor: Comes (with subscription) with an APP to help you garden.
  • Meh (Cons): Somewhat involved cleaning.

The “Gardyn Home” isn’t a typo, it’s a make of vertical garden that any vertical hydroponics system reviews list should have – it was even listed as a top 100 invention of 2020 by Times Magazine!



When you fill it with lettuce, chard, kale, and other leafy plants you’d be forgiven for thinking you live underwater!  The Gardyn Home quickly starts to look like an underwater display of kelp and coral.  Unlike other ugly systems of PVC pipe and smelly plants that need to be locked away in a grow tent, this can accent both your dishes and your living room!



Lastly, the thing is quite hi-tech and “smart” with built-in cameras that monitor your plant growth and (if you purchase a subscription) make automatic adjustments via the ‘Kelby’ assistant APP, so you don’t have to.  The main amount of work coming from you will be providing water, popping in plants, harvesting, and somewhat involved monthly cleanups.



The small base size and naturalistic 5-foot height make this an easy purchase for the budding hydroponist with other things to do!

  • Cost: $$$$
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Key feature: Best efficiency.
  • Includes: Base, stackable tower, hydrating pump, 64Xnet pots, timer.
  • Assembly required: Afternoon project.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: 67”
  • Base area: 25”X25”
  • Best for: Greens and Herbs
  • Cool factor: Short base leaves plenty of room to grow a ton of plants.
  • Meh (Cons): A lot of parts can lead to a difficult setup.

The next cool offering in our vertical hydroponics system reviews list is this tower from the Nutrabinns Store.  Another modular system, you’ll quickly see that the base of this system is quite a bit shorter than the Lettuce Grow at the top.  The result?  Highly efficient space usage.



The interior of the column is an undulating mixture of plastic bumps and jutting net pots.  At the center, a rising tube drags water up and sprays it on the plants, where it flows down again into the reservoir again, hitting your precious plant roots along the way.



This system comes with a lot of goodies – great net pots, a pump/timer combo, etc.  This can lead to a bit of a lengthy initial setup, but once you’re done it’s all ready to go!

  • Cost: $$$
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Key feature: Best Outdoor System
  • Includes:
  • Assembly required: 15 min., no tools required
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: 64”
  • Base area: 20”X20”
  • Best for: Cucumbers, eggplants, chilis, tomatoes, herbs
  • Cool factor: Longevity, longevity, longevity!
  • Meh (Cons): Not using the latest tech.

This outdoor system gives you a slender spire to grow plants in.  Using an aeroponic watering method, this system will keep your roots healthy and growing well.



One thing I’m really loving about this system, and why it made our vertical hydroponics system reviews list, is the way members of the AeroSpring community are STILL enjoying this product after having owned it for some 5+ years.  Yes, that means it doesn’t have the very latest, but it also means that this is a system that has truly stood the test of time.  Also, please note, just because it came out several years ago also doesn’t mean it is totally devoid of technology – it includes a WiFi smart timer, too!



There is also an indoor variant available, which provides a housing unit and lights for the system.  As these systems are quite popular, it can be a bit tough to find them in stock, though.  Good luck!


Title Link:  GrowWithoutSoil’s Towering Vertical System Review!


Meta Description:  Come now to see our vertical hydroponics system reviews, these systems literally stretch your floor plan! Modularity and systems for all heights included!



So, you had the indoor variant as a separate entry – which is a bit hard to justify doing separately… PLUS, it is out of stock right now.  If it becomes necessary, I’ll add it later.

Vertical Hydroponics System Buying Guide

When selecting a Vertical Hydroponics System you’ll need to pay attention to several factors.


Is cost a factor? Fully packed and featured systems are not always the best system.



How much attention will you need to give your system? Will it need weekly or daily water changes? How difficult is it to clean?


Key features

  • Automation- Are you always working and never home? Is automation important for you to have in your system?
  • Looks, labels, Markers
  • System Size for your location



Do you need a complete system or can you figure out how to add the missing pieces?

Assembly required

This is a big consideration for some and it may be why you are here trying to buy a system instead of making one for yourself.


Container Material

If you have kids or pets you understand that this is a big consideration, dependent on the location of your setup.


Comes with Lights

If your system does not come with any plant lights and you don’t have good sun exposure through your window where you are looking to set up your Kratky System will you be able to set up a plant light in that location?



How important is the sustainability of your system? Would you like to be able to reuse all the components each time you grow another round of plants? Is it important that the components are free of chemicals or pathogens? Is the manufacturing process of your new system eco-friendly?

Best for

Do you already know what you want to grow in your system? This is very important to keep in mind when selecting your new system as it will not be possible to grow some vining plants in any of these systems mentioned above.


Cool factor

Is the system going to be highly visible to house guests? Do you want to be able to brag about your cool new Kratky Hydroponic System when they come over or hide it in the pantry until they leave!?



All systems have cons. Keep a watchful eye on this category as it can easily be a purchase killer!




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