Nutrient Film Technique System Reviews: The Only One Worthy!

PVC Post sleeve hydroponic system

This is our review of the best Nutrient Film Technique System available

Nutrient film technique system reviews aren’t so easy!  Pity poor old me, I know, sitting here writing about plants while you do all the hard work, but let’s chat about this really quick first!  When you’re looking at other system reviews, you’re looking for choices.  When you’re looking at our nutrient film technique system reviews page… that IS your choice.  The choice is the system itself.

The distinction comes down to NFT/DFT.  No, those aren’t the newest crypto investment schemes – they stand for Nutrient Film Technique and Deep Flow Technique.  The problem is that a lot of DFT systems are passed off as NFT systems as they have similar capabilities.  As a result, there is really only one true nutrient film technique system review worthy at the moment.  So, the choice today comes down to the type of system, rather than the system itself!

There are many systems on sale online that are claiming to be, or sold as Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems but they are actually what have come to be recently known as the Deep Flow Technique.

  • Is it a type of NFT system? No.
  • Does it work? Perhaps, depending on what you are growing, it’s just not as an NFT system.
  • A DFT system works much like a Dutch Bucket System which can work quite well for some types of plants. 


We only found 1 actual Nutrient Film Technique system that we can recommend. The CropKing NFT 4-6 Hydroponic Leafy Greens Growing System is the only “Actual” Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics System, readily available, that we can recommend.

This is the hard truth. There are many systems out there being sold as Nutrient Film Techniques Systems but they are actually Deep Flow technique Systems. Others are sold as just a series of components that all need to be designed and assembled

The Only Nutrient Film Technique System Reviewed

  • Cost: $
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Key feature: Almost a turnkey system.
  • Includes: Pump, plumbing, stand, glue, tools, and instructions. Need to purchase a Nutrient Reservoir separately.
  • Assembly required: Medium
  • Container Material:
  • Comes with Lights: no
  • Reusable: yes
  • Best for: Herbs, Leafy greens, and Lettuce
  • Cool factor: Excelent NFT system!
  • Meh (Cons): Not suitable for larger plants.

So, here is our one and only nutrient film technique review…and boy oh boy is it a good one. This system is a true nutrient film technique system.  I love the built-in table design that makes your plants easy to access and helps you avoid any back pain associated with bending over to graze at on-the-ground bucket systems. 


The 1″ square holes and are arranged in a very compact, efficient way… it almost makes you feel like you’re farming in some sort of metal Earth.  They are cut to receive the industry standard 1″ starter cubes of various mediums. This system also has the great advantage of the tubing being built into the table… nice for size planning, you barely know the ‘system’ parts of the system are even there.


One thing to remember when using a system like this is to make sure you have very level ground, as the table is built to be placed in a level environment, giving you full access to the magical power of gravity to get a lot of the flow work done.  The legs are mildly adjustable, but you should do a bit of double-checking on your end before purchase just to make sure.


Nutrient Film Technique System Reviews Buying Guide

When selecting a Nutrient Film Technique System you’ll need to pay attention to several factors.


Is cost a factor? Fully packed and featured systems are not always the best system.



How much attention will you need to give your system? Will it need weekly or daily water changes? How difficult is it to clean? Will it potentially leak?


Key features

  • Automation- Are you always working and never home? Is automation important for you to have in your system?
  • Looks, labels, Markers
  • System Size for your location



Do you need a complete system or can you figure out how to add the missing pieces?

Assembly required

This is a big consideration for some and it may be why you are here trying to buy a system instead of making one for yourself.


Container Material

If you have kids or pets you understand that this is a big consideration, dependent on the location of your setup.


Comes with Lights

If your system does not come with any plant lights and you don’t have good sun exposure through your window where you are looking to set up your System will you be able to set up a plant light in that location?



How important is the sustainability of your system? Would you like to be able to reuse all the components each time you grow another round of plants? Is it important that the components are free of chemicals or pathogens? Is the manufacturing process of your new system eco-friendly?

Best for

Do you already know what you want to grow in your system? This is very important to keep in mind when selecting your new system as it will not be possible to grow some vining plants in any of these systems mentioned above.


Cool factor

Is the system going to be highly visible to house guests? Do you want to be able to brag about your cool new Ebb and Flow System when they come over or hide it in the pantry until they leave!?



All systems have cons. Keep a watchful eye on this category as it can easily be a purchase killer!




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