How to Install Your Hydroponic Accessories


Now that you have purchased or built your own Hydroponic system you need to set up your hydroponic accessories. In order to make your new hydroponic system complete, you need Accessories, lights, pumps, aeration, climate control, ventilation, and more! We cover each topic in more detail on their own article but we’ll give you the quick about it here with a few tips and tricks to come back to when it’s time to assemble it all.


This section will get continuous updates on tips and tricks to assemble and hook up your accessories from visitors and the home team so bookmark this page and check back often. We understand that you are soooo close to getting your system up and running so our tips and tricks will be super straight-to-the-point bullet lists with no BS. Got any of your own? Please let us know. We will even give you a special mention and credit for your input. Maybe a link…maybe.


Your next step will be to set up the system after all the accessories are assembled and installed. Then it’s time to grow veggies without soil!



Hydroponic Accessories: Reservoirs

Hydroponic accessories, Reservoirs
Hydroponic accessories, Reservoirs, Source


Setting up your hydroponic reservoir is one of the most important hydroponic accessories to set up. There is a lot to think about depending on what you are growing and the space you have to grow.

Water Top offs and Change outs







Hydroponic Accessories: Water Pumps

Water pump
Water Pump, Source


Ok… You probably don’t need a nutrient water pump this large for your system. But then again, maybe you do. For example, do you know what head height is? You need to check that out and more in order to make sure your pump has enough head height power to pump the nutrient water to the top of your system. This will be more important if you are designing a Vertical hydroponics system.

Hook up your water pump





Hydroponic Accessories: Air Pumps

Air-Pump, Hose Backflow Valve, and Air Stones, Source


Do you need aeration in your system? That depends on the type of system you have selected for your garden. Do all air pumps come with hoses, backflow valves, and air stones? 

Select and connect your air pump




Hydroponic Accessories: Grow Lights

White Full Spectrum LED
White Full Spectrum LED


Yes, you will need to provide lights for your plants if they are indoors. Lighting is one of the biggest, most important, Hydroponic accessories you can purchase for your system. Don’t want to spend big bucks on your electric bill? Talk a long look at White Full Spectrum LED lighting (But not directly at it! they can be very powerful.) 


Connect and Adjust your Lighting




Hydroponic Accessories: Ventilation

Grow Room Ventilation
Grow Room Ventilation, Source


Have you ever notice what happens to the outside of a cold beer or soda can on a hot summer day at the local BBQ? Condensation! Now, imagine all that extra condensation in your grow room or indoor hydroponic setup area!


Plants need water, water evaporates. You need to deal with that with proper ventilation. Also, Plants need air to photosynthesize and to breathe. In most cases, a small oscillating fan will do. 


Ventilation is a Requirement



Hydroponic Accessories: Climate Control

Climate Control Systems
Climate Control Systems, Source


Ok…so imagine that same beer or soda can from the last example, except now the temperatures are going to go down to be freezing overnight.  Yikes! Hurry up and drink that ice-cold beer!  Um…soda.


Most hydroponically grown plants like it to be about 70 degrees and have a relative humidity of about 50 -60 percent depending on what you are growing and if you are trying to artificially change the temperature and or humidity settings to make your plants bloom.


Most people are fine with those settings too, so if your growing in your home you should be good to go, else learn more about climate control.


Climate Control: Basics


Climate Control: Humidity




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