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June 24-25  – The virtual Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit will gather the world’s leading farm operators, retailers, food companies, investors, seed companies, and technology providers to meet, network, and cultivate new commercial partnerships.

350+ attendees from the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia will participate in Livestream sessions, join roundtable discussion groups and connect directly through 1-1 video meetings and group chats.

By sharing best practices from around the globe, and facilitating new connections and collaborations, the summit offers an invaluable platform to develop new business and accelerate projects across the Indoor AgTech ecosystem.


With the CEA sector rapidly growing and gaining popularity amongst investors and entrepreneurs alike, we must not forget the high energy use of this industry. Most CEA operations are still tied to the grid, and as a result, greenhouse gas emissions continue to exacerbate climate change.

Learn more about the industry’s energy consumption from Agritecture’s Systems Engineer, Alberto López. Develop industry relations and identify the knowledge gaps that can help your business tackle this challenge and become more energy-efficient and climate-positive.

31 May – 4 June​

Five days of bold ideas, stunning demos and insightful comments galore! You will meet key actors in the private sector, government and grassroots initiatives. We will talk about alternative proteins, dark kitchens, the nutritional data tsunami, what constitutes Good Food City, what NextGen consumers are thinking and why traditional investors are suddenly paying attention to food. Did we mention all the participating top chefs and scientists? Now we have!

27 May, 4 pm

It is expected that by 2050 the world’s population will grow to 9.7 billion.  Cumulatively, the Earth is losing its arable land area every day. Combining these two problems, sustaining the future population will be a huge challenge.  

This need is one of today’s biggest challenges, and many people believe that vertical farming may be the answer. 

Vertical farming is the practice of producing food on vertical surfaces. That is, instead of growing vegetables and other foods on one surface, such as in a field or greenhouse, as we are used to, this method produces food in vertical layers, which makes it possible to maximize crops in a limited space. 

20 – 22 September 2021

Bringing together vertical farming operators, investors, suppliers and customers, the 2nd annual Vertical Farming World Congress is designed to help develop and advance the sector’s future.

The 2021 event will allow for both in-person and online participation, featuring two days of conference sessions and networking opportunities, with in-person and virtual vertical farm tours. Additional elements are available for those joining live in London, including produce tasting and policy forums. For new entrants as well as industry leaders. // To register for the in-person event, please see the registration tab.